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Pov Humiliation

In case you don’t already know, Humiliation POV is a concept based on the utter contempt some women have towards “lesser” men. 

By lesser man, we mean any loser who feel the need to be totally humiliated by  a femdom who is not shy about telling you how a worthless and useless piece of crap you really are.

How do you know you are an ideal candidate for POV Humiliation?  Well take your pick!  And don’t worry if you are so pathetic that you don’t even know where to start!  Just let one of our hot checks tell you in sordid details how pathetic you really are. 

Does your small cock make you a loser? If it does, then you are in good company and we have the experience to take you to a world you have never even dared to contemplate!  A world where ass worshiping, financial domination, blackmail, cuckolding and mocking small cocks will make you feel both useless and incredibly horny.

Phone Sex and POV Humiliation

Fetishes and sexual fantasies are sometimes what define us.  Whatever you hidden desires are, it is true that some are more difficult (sometimes even dangerous or illegal) to experience in real life than others!  Humiliation POV is certainly one such fantasy as not all men (and some women) can cope with the level of punishment and ridicule that often times go hand in hand with the excitement of being humiliated by a superior woman.  This is why phone sex is such a wonderful tool, as through role play, you can address your fantasies in safety without fear or preconditions.

  • Are you are craving to be slutty cuckie at the service of a femdom and her real man, one so much above you, with a huge cock compared to your teenie-weenie little thing?  Do you want to be turned into a little cuckold bitch ready to get down on your knees and get ready to see how a real man does it?
  • Are you dreaming about being about a little foot boy, unable to wait for ht moment when you can finally bow down to one of our ladies’ beautiful feet for you to kiss and worship? As a foot boy, you know you belong on the ground waiting for the opportunity to sniff a gorgeous woman’s feet?  Well, only if you are a good foot boy!

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