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It is not always possible to show availability for our phone sex girls, and some of the women on this page may not be available when you call. A program that will show "real" online availabilities of all women is currently being developped but not yet operational. (We hope that it will be shortly.

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28 year old Female with Green eyes and Blond hair wants you to phone her!

I am 28 years old, in search of the perfect dick and still looking, although some have come close. I like all things in sex, particularly when I am able to assert myself on men and that usually doesn't take long. However, I can turn into a purring kitten created for the enjoyment of a select few but so far, I have purred for very few men indeed. I do enjoy the occasional flint with women, although there, I always like to be the dominant part. Because of my dominating character, I can play a very convincing shemale character, a shemale with a big schlong which is just what some of you men like.

Want to know what my boobs look like?  I can tell you this much: I have Hooters boobs

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22 year old Female with Brown eyes and Auburn hair wants you to phone her!

What else is there for me to say. Don't let looks deceive you. I may appear innocent and kind and gentle but I am the opposite. Sex is a huge turn on for me. I will drain you, fuck you, humiliate you, anything really as long as it results in a series of satisfying orgams.

Want to know what my boobs look like?  I can tell you this much: I have Knockers boobs

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24 year old Female with Green eyes and Blond hair wants you to phone her!

I am a 22 year old female just out of college. I like to play sports, particularly when it involoves rubbing bodies. I am very much into adult toys and in spite of never having to go without a partner for my sexual needs, i do have a complete set to "tools". A couple of years ago, I helped a fellow male student explore a fantasy of his of having sex with both a woman (me!) and another guy where he would have the other guy "perform" on him. This was quite a turn on and I have never looked back. I love the taste of a woman of course, but have to be in the right mood for that. I guess it depends on the woman!

Want to know what my boobs look like?  I can tell you this much: I have Hooters boobs

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24 year old Female with Blue eyes and Red hair wants you to phone her!

I have become a real live Mistress by necessity after a succession of unsatisfying and frustrating experiences with men. I have discovered that sexual pleasure is not always derived from an orgasm and as such, my slaves, in their own ways, do provide me with an outlet to come to terms with my own needs. I am very much into mind control. In real life, I will never bring or let a slave bring himself to orgasm. And since I seldom let them have an orgasm even when not in session, my slaves often times spend months without ever experiencing a single orgasm. I have had an uneasy relationship with an uncle when I was a teen and have a tendency to treat male family members with contempt. For that reason, I can apply my dominating expertise in incestual chats, wether it be mommie to son, or even better mommie to daughter which can easily be transferred to a mommie to sissy boy scenario.

Want to know what my boobs look like?  I can tell you this much: I have Perky boobs

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